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Quick Sod is an affiliated company of Woerner Turfa family-owned agribusiness company headquartered in Foley, Alabama. With over 100 years of farming experience, and 40 of those years specializing in the production of premium turf grasses, Woerner Turf has become a turf industry leader with numerous sod farms and landscape supply stores– all strategically placed in the Southeast for optimal supply of fresh sod.

We believe green spaces enhance the quality of life and contribute to community pride. Many things have changed, but our goal remains the same – to keep Turning America Green.

The Quick Sod Difference

Top quality products and service

Family Owned & Operated

We take pride in being a family owned and operated business. Our aim is to encourage a beautiful outdoor space for your families to enjoy.

100% Safe

We sell products that are 100% safe for your lawn. In fact, we use all of our products on our own farms!

Turning America Green

Many things have changed over the years, but our goal remains the same – to keep Turning America Green.

Premium Quality

We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality turf grass and landscape materials to our customers.

Best Of Quick Sod

products created to enhance your outdoor space

Centipede Seed

Centipede is a slow-growing, medium green, warm-season turfgrass. One of the most commonly used turfgrasses along the Gulf Coast, Centipede has a coarse texture, tolerates moderate shade and is very durable. Its low maintenance makes it an excellent general-purpose turf.

TURFection Fertilizer

Our TURFection fertilizer kit is a plan that has been used and trusted for many years on our very own Woerner Turf farms. So there is no guessing if this plan will work.

Wholesale Seed

We offer centipede seed in wholesale and in bulk. Reach out to our team for more information on placing your order.

What Customers Are Saying

Check out why customers all over are loving quick sod products

Purchased to fill in bare spots. After removing the thatch and loosening the soil, I sprinkled a generous amount of seed through the bare spots then sprinkled each spot with a light layer of peat moss to help retain moisture. The peat moss also allowed me to easily see if the seeds were getting too dry. I watered the spots with a garden hose roughly every two hours during daylight hours to keep them from drying out. In about 7 days I had little grass whiskers all over. My suggestion if you’re not getting this to grow is that you may not be watering enough. Once the seed germinates and “cracks open”, if you let it dry out then it will close back up and the seed will be beyond saving no matter how much you water or wait. It is absolutely imperative that the seed stays moist while it is in this phase. I would 100% buy this seed again and would recommend it to anyone willing to spend a just few minutes each day nourishing it while it’s getting started. I love that it’s just seed, no filler material.


This year I decided to try out a different type of lawn grass seed, so I chose this centipede seed from Woerner Turf after hearing some success stories with this product from others! I am so glad I went this route vs. all the other "name brand" centipede seeds that I've tried in the past that I've had little to no success with! This product is definitely a high quality grass seed! I am so used to having such bad luck with a low germination rate, that I end up having to use double (if not triple) the amount of seed than what I used this year with this gulf kist seed! My germination rate was the highest this year vs. previous years. It's not only saved me a lot of aggravation but it's also saved me money in the long run!! I will order this centipede seed again and again!!!! Thank you Woerner Turf for being honest about your product, unlike some of those store "name brand" products!


We got this because of a coworker of mine recommended it. We have tried several different brands that you can find at the local stores with no success. I will admit it is somewhat expensive but hey if it grows that’s all that matters at this point. For some reason we just can’t get any grass to grow in our backyard. It’s literally all just weeds. We just planted it this week and did so according to the instructions. Hopefully this will do the trick. Will post update once grass starts growing.

We have grass growing finally! It is coming in great and has spread to surrounding areas in the yard. I would definitely recommend this over the products you can buy at your local stores. If you follow the directions on the back you shouldn’t have any problems.